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Book Overview: Christianity and Wokeness: How the Social Justice Movement is Hijacking the Gospel..

What is the book about?

Christianity and Wokeness (hereafter, "The Book") shows how the seeds of Critical Race Theory (hereafter, CRT) quietly pollutes, destroys and damages the church. The Book highlights the dangers of falling prey to the philosophies and ideologies of CRT. It is helpful in that it shows how focussing on skin colour is antithetical to the gospel of grace and therefore it (CRT) must be rejected. What Owen Strachan (hereafter, Strachan") adequately demonstrates is how gospel language is being replaced by an anti-God, anti-gospel and anti-grace rhetoric. The book covers the nature, historical connections and systems of CRT, while revealing both the Theological and Cultural challenges. Strachan provides an excellent biblical response to the invasion of CRT, Black Lives Matter (hereafter, BLM) and Social Justice (hereafter, SJ) in the church.

Worth Quoting

"In many pulpits across the evangelical movement, Gospel language is being supplanted by socialist rhetoric." John MacArthur, page xx.


The books shows the how vicious, unforgiving and dangerous Woke Theology and Ideology is. There are many highlights in this book, but what I found most helpful are the four points below. Please note these are my summary points not Strachan's.

  1. No grace, no love: Is was really shocking to see the coldness of this movement. Strachan points out that the general sentiment that runs through this movement is that "all white people are racists" (p.1). He sates, "[I]n this system there is no grace and no love. There is only grievance, resentment, and condemnation" (ibid). While there may be some people who sincerely aim to bring about change and seek peace, the reality is that the system in and of itself is not geared or equipped to provide grace, love, peace or true restoration.