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Bible Hour

Bible Hour features lessons from the Church Elders & approved teachers at Living Hope Bible church before our preaching hour every Sunday. 

These lessons are in dialogue form and feature questions and answers after each session. 
The purpose of these lessons is to build up the church, so that it may be complete, and equipped for every good work. – 2 Timothy 3:17

February - April 2023

Introduction to Nouthetic Counselling

Nouthetic Counselling is the form of counselling that is derived from, dependent on and faithful to the word of God. Nouthetic counselling is distinct from secular forms of counselling in that its starting point, purpose and ultimate goal is the glory of God.

The goal of this teaching is to raise your confidence in God's word as we strive for Christian maturity and help others deal with life's deepest and most difficult emotional and spiritual problems.

Materials for Download:

Fundamentals of Biblical Counselling

Theology of Biblical Counselling

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