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How Did Living Hope Bible Church Begin


At the end of 2000 we started with informal Bible studies but it was not until the next year in May 2001 that we began to take shape as a local assembly. We met in the Christopher's home in Newlands 30 Orchard St. While the church officially began in 2001, we were already acting and serving like a church way before then.


It initially began with five adults excluding, Pastor Mark and Debbie, thus in total we were 7. After a few weeks of showing Answers In Genesis videos with Ken Ham, and thereafter we started going through FOF which took 8 or 9 months.


We moved into the International School in November of 2002. In this facility we saw the Lord bringing many more saints to Living Hope. Many ministries started to develop and take root during those former years. We remained at until the September of 2005 only to move to Wynberg Boys which was October of 2005. Here too the Lord continued to add and the ministry was starting to shape into a vibrant church, filled with young adults and young families. The Lord continued to bless the church with many growing ministries, one of which included the training of certain men in the church. One of which was Denver Solomon, who was there from the beginning of the church.

In 200 we hosted a Same Sex Marriage Seminar.

In April of 2006 we were blessed to have our first wedding of a couple that met at Living Hope. They would become the paid Pastoral couple in the church. During each year we were blessed to have men visit the Shepherds conference but one particular year was exciting as Steve Fernandez came to preach at Living Hope as well.

In 200 we invited Johan Kruger and one of our local men to speak on the subject of Creation and evolution.

In 2008/9 the first two elders were inducted into the church

In 2010 we were sad to say our farewells to the Christophers  and I departed November 2010—mid-November

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